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Robert E. Howard’s

Sailor Steve Costigan

The Complete Collection of Published Stories

Robert E. Howard is best known today for his "sword-and-sorcery" stories. But in the early 1930s, he was a legend in boxing circles for his humorously over-the-top adventure stories starring the sailor Steve Costigan, champ of the Sea Girl — the toughest trading vessel on the Seven Seas. Steve is an A.B. mariner and amateur boxer, with a heart of gold — and a head of solid wood.

In these 21 tales, he blows around the waterfronts of various Far East ports with his white bulldog Mike, getting swindled by clever dames, pummeling the occasional underworld criminal, and getting into epic fistic battles with anyone who can take a good punch — in or out of the ring.

Table of Contents:


  • Introduction   [2]
  • The Pit of the Serpent   [3]
  • The Bull Dog Breed  [4]
  • Sailor's Grudge [5]
  • Fist and Fang [6]
  • Winner Take All [7]
  • Waterfront Fists [8]
  • Champ of the Forecastle [9]
  • Alleys of Peril [10]
  • The TNT Punch [11]
  • Texas Fists [12]
  • The Sign of the Snake [13]
  • The House of Peril [14]
  • Breed of Battle [15]
  • Circus Fists [16]
  • Dark Shanghai [17]
  • Vikings of the Gloves [18]
  • Night of Battle [19]
  • Alleys of Darkness [20]
  • The Slugger's Game [21]
  • General Ironfist [22]
  • Sluggers on the Beach [23]


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